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Welcome to the 2004-2005

NorthEast Inter-Collegiate Badminton League

Last Updated: 10/17/2005

Congratulations to Cornell University, 2004-2005 Champions!

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Start Date: October 9th, 2004

Participating Colleges

  1. Boston University
  2. Cornell University
  3. Harvard University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Tufts University
Coordinator : Lily Lai
Webmaster : Ivan Siew

Rules [Top]

  1. Badminton games will be played under IBF rules.
  2. Playing Times:
    College Day Start Time End Time
    BU Fri 6:00pm 9:45pm
    Sat 5:30pm 8:45pm
    Cornell Sat 10:30am 2:30pm
    MIT Sun 1:00pm 4:00pm
    Tufts Sun 10:00am 2:00pm
  3. The home team will allow the visiting team 15 minutes general team warmup before the start of league games.
  4. Before each match starts, a 3 minute warm up is allowed.
  5. Each team Captain must fill in the names of their players on the score sheet. Captains then exchange score sheets at the same time, in person, and fill the names on the opponents score sheet.
  6. All matches shall be best of 3 games to 15 except the ladies singles - best of 3 games to 11.
  7. 10 minutes grace is allowed before a match is declared a default. DEFAULT should be written next to the name of player and signed by the captain.
  8. Both team captains must sign the score sheet and the winning team must mail, fax, email or return by hand to: Lily Lai within 7 days after the match has been played.
  9. Each team will consists of at least 4 men and 3 women.
    1. 1st Men's Singles
    2. 1st Ladies' Singles
    3. 2nd Men's Singles
    4. 2nd Ladies' Singles
    5. 1st Men's Doubles
    6. Ladies' Doubles
    7. 2nd Men's Doubles
    8. 2nd Mixed Doubles
    9. 1st Mixed Doubles
  11. A player cannot play more than once in any event and no more than 2 events. A total of 9 MATCHES.
  12. Late arrival of a team member: To accommodate the schedule of players, the order of play can be changed if both team captains agree. All matches must be completed the same evening.
  13. Home team must have at least two courts available.
  14. A team will play one at home and one away against each team.
  15. Home team is responsible for the shuttles.
  16. Players keep their own score.
  17. If there is a tie, home court advantage will be determined on the total games won and both teams will play the playoffs at an agreed date and time.
  18. All disputes and complains should be made in writing to John Lim within 7 days.
  19. A perpetual trophy will be presented to the winning league team.
  20. Once a team list has been established at a set date, no team shall be allowed to add extra names on the list.
  21. Rescheduling: A team is allowed to reschedule once against the other teams. Both captains shall mutually agree on a new date and time. If a team cancels the second time they will forfeit the points.

Schedule [Top] (Legend: Green = Completed, Red = Rescheduled, White = College that defaulted)

Results [Top]

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